DIY dog costume – No sew !

DIY-dog-costume---happy-halloweenNo sew DIY dog costume !

I've been so busy sewing the pass few weeks that I didn't have time to post anything ! But I'm back with a great project : a DIY dog costume PIRATE version that will cost you less then $5 and take you no ,more then 20 minutes to make. DIY dog costume - Pirate - Halloween


What you need :

DIY dog costume - Pirate

1) Tank top that is big enough for your dog ( It just happen that I had a “pirate looking” tank top, if you don’t you can simply use a white or black one ).

2) Elastic

3) Strip of black material – that is big enough to tie around your dog’s stomach. About 3 inch wide.

4) “Pirate kit” which includes a  pirate knife &  a golden earring . They have them at the dollar store in the kid’s toy section.

5) Pirate Cap – which can also be found at the dollar store.

6) Glue gun

Instructions :

Oh and I forgot : You also need Halloween lollies and a good cup of tea before your start !

1. Adjust the tank top so that it fits your dog. Mine was too big so here is how I made it smaller :

1.1) Flip the tank top upside down. Have the back of the tank top facing you. As seen in below photo.

1.2) Bring together the top and the bottom of the tank top.

1.3) Wrap the excess fabric with an elastic.

1.4) It should look like in the below photo

1.5) Flip the tank top back to the right side.


2. Make the hat – Using your glue gun glue the earring on the side of the pirate cap.

DIY dog costume - Pirate

3.  Make the Knife –  Using your glue gun, glue the pirate knife handle in the middle of the black piece of fabric.

DIY dog costume - pirate

4. Done – Dress up your dog ! Put the tank top first passing his/her two front legs in the tank top straps. Make sure the “front” of your tank top is in the back of your dog. Take your pirate knife and wrap it around your dog’s stomach ( the knife should sit on the back of your dog). Tie the black fabric by making a knot, not too tight but strong enough to stay on your dog’s belly. Finally, put on the pirate cap and tuck in your dog’s ears.




2 Comments on DIY dog costume – No sew !

  1. Great idea! Im gonna have to try it this year

  2. I love this one!! This dog looks a lot like my Luna.

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