Ta Da here’s Luigi !

My beloved dog !!  .. and no he is not always that clean or obedient . What the photo does not tell you is that I had to empty a Ziploc  full of treats to get one good shot of him in front of that amazing graffiti wall in Woolloomooloo. GOOD BOY LUIGI !

If you stay tune you will probably read a lot about this hairy bloke – so let me tell you a bit more about him.

What his he ?

Mini poodle slash ??  My husband and I adopted him 6 months ago and can’t seem to pin point what sort of dog he is : Lagotto ? Mini Poodle ? Spoodle ? (  if anyone know please by all means let me know !)

How old his he ? 

Almost a year now !

What does he love ?

Luigi loves peanut butter, cheese and chicken necks the most. He loves to swim but hates to take a bath. He loves to play hide and seek  ( even tough we live in a loft ! He gets so excited and pees in his pants when it is time to go to the dog park or visit my parents  in the countryside.

4 Comments on Ta Da here’s Luigi !

  1. Luigi looks ALOT like my aunt’s fellow, Spartacus! He is a GoldenDoodle. A Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle! Perhaps Luigi is a smaller breed of Poodle and Golden?? Before I even read this specific page I immediately thought he was a GoldenDoodle.

  2. I agree with Courtney, he’s a Golden Doodle, (maybe a mini Golden Doodle). I came across a picture of Luigi from your blog on Pinterest. He looks just like my dog. She is a min Golden doodle, she is 2 and only weighs 21 lbs. That is my guess. Your Luigi is super cute!!!

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