For a few years I’ve worked with the left side of my brain and the right side woke up mad one morning “Creativity why are you not using me?”. Making, gluing, drawing, painting, decorating, baking, styling, sewing, colouring, brainstorming have always been “my thing”; but  never dedicated enough time to it. While being a marketing professional and a dog lover I used my spare time to create and design exclusive bandannas,bow ties and flowers for dogs . Because of  constant demand and repeat business, I decided to created a company and officially launch Dharf in 2012. All of this sounds super cool ( well it is !) but I won’t lie : like any other entrepreneur I do have some down/stress moments.  So this is my blog therapy to scare these moments away, relax and HAVE FUN sharing nothing and everything  about dogs !!!

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  2. Having seven dogs of my own your blog has some GREAT tips that I love trying out!!! I nominated you for a Liebster Blogging Award.. You can check the entry on my page: http://wordsandpalabras.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/i-is-for-i-got-an-award/

    Rebecca at Words And Palabras

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