DIY Christmas Cards

When I saw those beautiful Jessica Bloor photographs of Luigi in his bow tie, I couldn't resist making Christmas cards with them ! In my opinion these are way more fun than the ones you can buy in store .

DIY Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas Cards

For this project , you will need :

DIY Christmas Card


*you can find those : “DIY insert photo card” at your local craft store or in any big retailer ( I found mine at Kmart ).

DIY Christmas Card Steps:

1) Cut your ribbon – 2 stripes 16cm  long and 2 stripes 10.5cm long. ( here I’m giving you the measurements of my card, but please measure your card before cutting your ribbon).  Also, make sure the ends of the ribbon are cut at a 45 degree angle – just like the ones below.

DIY Christmas Cards

Step 1: Cut the ribbon

2) Apply the glue on one side of the card.

DIY Christmas Cards

Step 2: Apply the glue on the card

3) Place the ribbon on the glue and apply pressure. Wait until it dries and repeat for all sides  of the card.

DIY Christmas Cards

Step 3: Place the ribbon on the card and apply pressure

4) Once done insert the the photo and voila !

DIY Christmas Card

Completed project

DIY Christmas Card

Shadow in his bow tie ❤

Happy holiday everyone ! Oh and you can get a Christmas doggie bow tie from my  e- shop ; )

1 Comment on DIY Christmas Cards

  1. Great homemade christmas card.

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