DIY dog treats : yogurt drop recipe

Sit, stay, down, shake ... there is nothing Luigi won't do for a YOGURT DROP! Too bad he can't talk to confirm but I'm 99% sure it's his favorite treat (besides cheese and chicken). I though it would be hard to do but it's actually really simple. Well worth making as they are an absolute hit with most dogs.DIY yogurt drops for dogs - easy dog treat receipie

DYI dog treat - DIYI yogurt drop

Here is what you need:

– low fat natural yogurt

– ziploc bag or cake decorator bag

– cookie tray that will fit in your freezer

How ? Put the yogurt in the ziploc or cake decorator bag. Squeeze the yogurt out onto the cookie tray like so:

DIY yogurt drop - DIY dog treat

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Put the tray in the freezer and wait about an hour – ready! Simple enough?! Oh and it’s also supposed to be very healthy for dogs according to my vet . He went into some doctor talk about the repopulation of the digestive system with healthy bacterial flora – all I really know is that Luigi loves them.

What’s your dog’s favorite treat ?

4 Comments on DIY dog treats : yogurt drop recipe

  1. These have to be refrigerated after they set in the freezer, correct?

    • Good point Jacki ! I forgot to mention : I put mine in a ziploc and leave them in the freezer. I sugest you do the same so that it doesn’t melt in your hands.

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