A new way to harness your dog’s personality.

Dharf.com, an exciting Sydney based brand known for its funky Australian made dog collars have released their bow-tie harness.  Launched two years ago, the online shop has continually added new products to their range. With the addition of this new harness they are ready to take on the world as the number one boutique pet accessory brand coming out of Australia.


Red polka dog bow tie harness

“How do you put a bow-tie on a harness? That’s the question that came to mind when customers, already in love with our brand and collars, asked if we had any harnesses available. After intense research, design, testing and development, we’ve done it and we’re enormously proud of it!” said Isabelle, designer and founder of Dharf.com.  “It just wouldn’t be a Dharf Harness if you couldn’t put a bow on it“, she added.


blue polka Dog bow tie harness

The colourful, premium quality and vibrant fabrics the Dharf brand is known for is now available in the Dharf bow-tie harness range. An absolute head turner, it makes humans smile whilst dogs benefit from the comfort of a fully functional and adjustable harness featuring bamboo fibre lining.

Different Colours 2

More and more dog owners walk their four legged friends on harnesses and aren’t satisfied with the old tacky conventional harnesses out there anymore.  Dharf has provided a stylish, with a hint of dapper, option to make those daily strolls more fashionable. In saying that, the Dharf bow-tie harness caters for all occasions; playing at the park, parties, birthdays or weddings.

Creating harmony between elegant fit, style, and design the Dharf bow-tie harness comes with a removable bow.  “Meaning owners can decide to keep it simple or make it fancy” Isabelle continued. “It’s a great option for dog owners who want to keep the accessories only for special occasions, but hey why would you ever want to take it off?”.


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