Top 5: Reasons Why Dogs Make Such Great Friends

You know the saying, 'A dog is a mans best friend'? Well its true. A dog can be a very valuable friend. Here is a Top 5 list of why dogs make such great buddies and how they can improve your lifestyle. image01010  

1. Fight Depression

Who knew that patting your furry friend will immediately turn your frown up side down. Keeping your pet by your side can help you deal with depression. You can tell your dog all your problems and worries.  Sure, he wont be able to give you any advice, or talk back at all for that matter, but it sure will make you feel better knowing that your dog will always be there to listen!

2. Keeping Fit

I know for a fact that I would be the laziest person on earth if I didn’t have Luigi.  Sure, he can be a little hyper at times and our daily walks turn into daily running sessions ( I always have to chase after him) but with Luigi around I can defineltey stay in shape.

3. Guard Dog

Dogs are always aware of their surroundings. With their amazing sense of  hearing and smelling you can be alerted when your dog starts to bark non-stop.  Dogs are quick on their feet and know when there is trouble creeping through the door, or a burglar. You never know.

4. Meeting New People

“You have such a cute dog.”
” What breed is your dog?”
People are more likely to approach  and start a conversation if you have your pet next to you. Dog lovers will ask you questions about your dog and will show interest in  your dog. And who knows, you might meet a fellow dog lover who may show interest in you! So, what are you waiting for, get your dog out for a nice walk, dress to impress and get social!

5. Healthy Heart

Of course there are many things you can do to improve the health of you heart, but did you know that dogs have been proven to improve blood pressure and  lower stress and anxiety?

Well I can safely say, without doubt, that dogs are indeed ‘A Mans best Friend’

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