Top 5: Best Ways to Exercise With Your Dog

Its been a while, I know. I have been very very busy, but I'm back and here to stay! Thank you to everyone who have been sending in comments and feedback. Its been almost four months since I made the new year resolution to be more active ... it lasted two weeks. I'm back to square one. The ironic thing is I have inspired myself to create a new bright Dharf collection with the help of my bright Nike's. And now they are just a perfect match, so I have no more excuses. I need to get Luigi and my Nike's out way more often. Here's what I have decided to do to keep that resolution in check. Exercise with your dog

Exercise with your dog

1. Walking.

Interval walking is one of my favourite/painful fat burning activities. So ladies let’s hit it , increase that heart rate by varying your walk by switching from a moderate walking pace to a light jog every few minutes or so. This, according to my vet, is a great exercise for overweight pets as it burns fat fast ( same for humans )!  This is who I will be  thinking of when I do it:

5 best ways to exercise with your dog

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For a more lazy (or hungover) morning. Get some fresh air with your dog and take him or her for a 30 minute walk. Luigi loves his daily walks and becomes very excited and curious, so create new routes now and then, to add some variety.  And while your at it, why not take a coffee along  the way?  Relax and enjoy the day!

2. Jogging

Of course this is Luigi’s favourite!  I wish I would enjoy jogging, but I won’t lie I only do it for my thighs. Is it just me or am I the only one having trouble keeping up with my dog’s speed? Anyway, it will be good to include jogging as part of my weekly routine.

5. Frisbee

The most annoying thing about this exercise is throwing your dog the Frisbee and him not wanting to retrieve it. This happens a lot. Luigi would get distracted easily and go run in the opposite direction of where I threw the Frisbee. So if your having trouble, like I am, switch this exercise to fetch. Just throw your dog his favourite toy. In Luigi’s case its his squeaky chicken toy.

4. Agility Training

Jump over hurdles, crawl into tunnels  walk across a see- saw or weave through poles. Not you of course, but I mean your dog. You just run along side your dog and he can do all that other stuff.

5. Dog Stairs

Go up and down the stairs and have your dog  join along side you. Lets face it, this exercise doesn’t sound fun at all. In fact it could be quite boring and a huge drag, but it sure does burn off a few pounds!  You can try going up two steps at a time for more of a challenge.

For that extra bit of motivation, get a friend to join you! Your dog definitely wont mind. And honestly, having a friend motivate me is pretty much the only way I get moving. Otherwise you would most likely see me sleeping in for a good half day. Moral of the story, let’s stop being be lazy! And lets not have our dogs pick up on our bad  habits either!

Have fun X

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